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The simplest Express app

Your introduction to Express - the shortest Express app in three lines of code

Automated code reloading

When you are starting a new Node project, the first thing to do is to implement automated code reloading for your development environment to make sure you dev experience is smooth. Forget about manual restarting your Express app every time you make a code change. Let nodemon take care of hot reloading your Express app.

Automated code linting and fixing

Implement Standard JS in your Express app to take care of code linting and formatting. Avoid the headache of manually fixing those spaces or semi-colons in your code. Let Standard do the hard work for you and ensure your code is beautiful and readable.

Nunjucks and Express

Learn how to integrate Nunjucks - our template engine of choice - with an Express app

Add Bootstrap css framework to an Express app

Create beautiful custom themes leveraging the power of Bootstrap and Sass build process in your Express app

Use Font Awesome with your Bootstrap powered Express app


Create code highlighting server-side

Serve content with code highlighting pre-processed on a server and leverage CDN to reduce load times

Set cache header in Express

Take advantage of cache and content delivery networks to serve high traffic with tiny servers

Set up Node app on Amazon EC2

Step-by-step set up of an EC2 machine to serve Node applications using Nginx proxy

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